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A Voice That's My Own And Shall Not Be Silenced

The writings of Kalte Bild... among other things.

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I'm Kalte, at least that's how you all will know me.
I'm an author... I guess. Not published yet but whatever.
I'm gay.
I'm a furry.
So what?
Now that we have that out of the way.
I'm here to write and to learn, to share my words, my thoughts, and my life with those who care. Those who don't, stop friending me. If I accept you then I have hope that you care, if you don't, expect to be deleted ASAP.
I'll give you poetry, prose, stories [rarely], random thoughts, updates, announcements, and hopefully artwork.
I probably seem very dull right now but it's just because I'm trying to seem professional, honestly, I'm a pretty energetic and happy person.
Pessimistic Idealist.
I'm a huge contradiction >.<

BTW I'm always free to talk so feel free to talk to me whenever [see contact info]